We work very hard to provide a high level of customer service for those selling to us. The new Marie Kondo series on Netflix has created a selling craze such as we haven't seen in the 5 years since we opened.

PLEASE BE AWARE that we are doing everything we can to handle everyone wishing to sell but there are limitations to what our staff and facilities can accommodate. We are doing our best to ramp up but our buyers are only brought on after a great deal of training.

In order to facilitate getting the most for what you wish to sell in a timely fashion, please adhere to these guidelines:

•Remember that we are looking primarily for styles from 2017-2018 and select vintage. Presort and pick the best of what you have.
•Please do not bring in items that are dirty, excessively worn, or non-resellable items such as underwear and socks. If you wish, you can bundle obvious donations separately and we can accommodate those as well and provide a tax receipt.
•Arrange your items neatly in bins or boxes if possible. We allow only the equivalent of 2 large black 30-gallon trash bags for drop offs and for now, we must also restrict in-store selling to about 4 of those at a time.

Wait times may be longer than usual during this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Please contact us via email or phone if you have questions.