Great selection with a helpful, friendly staff. I wish I could remember the specific employees name but one guy could help me with exactly what would need to be done with jackets to fit perfectly, or if they weren't going to work for me. Nice to see this kind of professionalism from a store like this. I'm not a big shopper but this store made shopping fun.


I absolutely love Uptown! I usually go in there for one thing and come out with way more than planned! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Can't beat these prices!


This place is really cool. They have probably some of the nicest thrift store clothing you'll find. They have a really good men's section, nice dressing rooms, good selection... Oh, did I mention shoes? Because there's so many shoes. And they actually keep the men's shoes separate from the women's shoes! Like, how hard is that every other thrift store? You know what, five stars just for that, because I don't want to spend forever looking through every rack trying to find a pair of men's shoes. Seriously, it isn't hard. Anyways, they've got great stuff here, even though you'll definitely still pay a bit more than you would at other stores, but that's the price of having more quality stuff to look through. In fact, my only complaint is finding stuff I really like and not being able to afford more because I find so much.


I found my new favorite place to shop! Not only was it clean, well-organized with amazing staff, but they actually have clothes that fit me for cheap! I was amazed! Skip Plato's Closet, skip the Goodwill, and go get some amazing things for you and your man!


Staff are super friendly Erika helped us out and they let me bring my puppy in! This was the best part I hate leaving him alone & they made us all feel welcome the whole time. They have a lot of young clothes probably all donated from TXST students & a nice vintage wrack!


Kudos to Kayla for going through a bunch of hassle for me, while I held on the phone, and she went to hunt down something I was looking for. I live a 25-minute drive away and wanted to make sure they had what I wanted before making the drive. I have been there a few times and always leave with a few items. Although Kaila did find one exact thing I wanted, I didn't want to do the 35-mile round-trip just for the one thing.
I'm giving 5 stars, anyway, because of the grand customer service. I will be in San Marcos probably Saturday and will go in to the store and probably get a few things.


A GREAT store! Only my 2nd time here. Since I live about 17 miles away, I called ahead of time to get things lined out pricewise. Mia gathered some items and held them at the counter for me. Then, Debbie and Nathan were a BIG help with some more stuff I bought. I paid $29 including tax, for several items which would have easily been about $125, maybe more; if I had bought them all new at their originating stores. They even gave me a military veteran's discount on the non-sale items. This has become my favorite place to buy NICE clothes.


Absolutely amazing shop! Such good deals, friendly staff, and such a great selection when it comes to clothes! You will regret not going here.

R. Crecelius

This place is great! They have garments in all price ranges and sizes. Also, the staff is super attentive and fun. I really enjoy talking with them about recent trends, and they always make sure their customers are treated well. Don't forget to get a punch card, and take advantage of your birthday month if you can. The deals and quality are awesome!


First time shopper and loved it! Smells good! They do a great job of selecting clothing. Everything is stylish and in great condition. Decent prices, only tops seemed a bit pricey. Great selection of vintage clothes separated out in the back which is fun to look through. Found a dress and great vintage shirt that will surely get attention at the next ugly Christmas party I go to!