Bring Your Apparel to Uptown Cheapskate Austin

Bring Your Apparel to Uptown Cheapskate Austin

We accept gently worn vintage and chic clothes at our retail boutique

Ready to sell or trade your clothing? Bring your gently worn clothes to Uptown Cheapskate Austin. We accept trendy and vintage items that have been in malls and boutiques for the last 12-18 months.

For an easier buying process, please:

  • Bring your items in a bag, a box or a storage container
  • Make sure your clothes are trendy and clean
  • Check your clothes for stains and holes

We try to price clothes at 75% off the original retail price. There is a limit to how high we can price high-end items, so you may wish to consign those instead. You can receive 25-35% of the selling price in cash or 25% in-store credit that never expires.

We want your best clothes at Uptown Cheapskate Austin

Please understand that we can only buy items that will sell well in our store. If you bring in large amounts of dirty, damaged or out-of-style items, we may reject your entire offer. Buyers go through thousands of items a day – if you bring in worn, dirty or inappropriate clothes, it’s not worth our time to dig through all of them. Please bring us the best of what you have.

You can also donate clothes to American Textile Recycling Services. About half of the donations are sold to benefit underprivileged families. The rest are recycled for upholstery stuffing and industry wiping rags. The proceeds primarily benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and disaster relief programs. Donations are tax deductible and the tax form is available here.

If this is your first time bringing clothes to Uptown Cheapskate Austin, please fill out our buy form. If you have any questions, call 512-462-4646.