Before you come in to sell, please familiarize yourself with what we buy.

Before you come in to sell, please familiarize yourself with what we buy.

Things that affect what we take in and how we price are primarily:

  • Style
  • Condition
  • Brand
  • To a lesser degree, season and inventory.
Please understand we can only buy what sells well for us. Please do not take offense. Our buyers spend a great deal of time not only looking at current trends but doing markdowns to see what isn't selling for us. That is the sole criteria by which we buy.

You may have great clothes that simply don't sell well in our store and if we know of another outlet that might be better for you, we'll recommend it.


We look for items that are popular current trends that have been online, in malls or boutiques within the last 1-2 years along with select vintage. What's current may be a matter of cut and fabric or in some cases, brand. Style is more important than brand; just because you have a high-end designer item doesn't mean it's something that sells well for us at this time.

We are currently buying select formals (prom) in College Station but otherwise don't do well with them in Austin and San Marcos unless it's something that can double as a cocktail dress.

There is a little more flexibility in men's styles but we always seem to buy some items, such as long sleeve shirts, more than they sell. Trimmer fits in shirts, jeans, slacks and suits with smaller collars and lapels work best.


Please pick the best of what you have.

Items should be freshly laundered and in like-new condition. If you bring in large amounts of dirty or damaged items or things we never buy such as used socks/underwear, we may reject your entire offer. If you are a smoker, please be aware that non-smokers are sensitive to the aroma and you must double check to make sure the items are free of any smell.

Our buyers go through thousands of items a day - if you bring in a lot of visibly worn, dirty or inappropriate things, it is simply not worth it for us to dig through all of them. However, typical problems people miss are small holes or stains in the armpits, collars or crotch.

It does not matter if your items are "New With Tags" if they are out of style or if they simply don't sell well for us


We do not buy based on brand. An older, out-of-style piece from a popular manufacturer of high-end designer won't sell well for us with few exceptions, mainly very specific vintage.

We are very selective with lower-end brands including fast fashion such as Shein, Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, Walmart and other inexpensive retailers. We take some of the very best styles but have to price them accordingly. We don't buy large amounts as we can't price them high enough to make it worthwhile and our customers often complain when they find a lot of that type of item on the racks.

Women's styles that currently sell well for us often come from stores such as Free People, Anthropologie, Altar'd State and Urban Outfitters. We don't do as well with brands such as Chico's and Coldwater Creek but do buy them on occasion if the styles are ideal. Think modern rather than matronly.

We also don't do much in traditional business suits for women. Suits have trended down and items that are strictly traditional corporate wear have been largely replaced by dresses and separates such as skirts and blazers.

Men's is a little more flexible and doesn't change as often but as with women's, we do better with modern takes on classic styles.


We buy the best items for all seasons year 'round but we must also buy based on what we sell, which is affected by the season and what we have in stock. We are more selective with out-of-season merchandise, especially heavier winter items and prom.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions!